Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

Hello, completely oversaturated blog-o-sphere! Welcome to my new blog, where I will talk about any number of things; things of a particularly nerdy or artistic bent. But before I explain in more detail, allow me to give you a little background.

What am I doing here?

I’ve flitted around the outskirts of various arts and literature communities for over a decade, in some cases, even gaining some level of expertise or recognition inside of those communities (or notoriety, depending on whom you ask). Being plagued, as many artists are, with a total lack of confidence in my own work, I’ve also spent my more recent years in a fugue of self loathing, and as such, avoided public display for that time… This is related to any number of things; a divorce, custody issues, poverty, perpetual moving… Pretty much any situation that a mid-to-late twenty-something fuckup could encounter, was encountered, and reinforced why I was either too shitty, drunk, exhausted, or otherwise irritated, to produce art.

Now, here I am, none the worse for wear, having belly-crawled my way out of my twenties, and stumbled, graceless and grumbling, into some of the most comfortable years of my life. Somewhere, somehow, I managed to gain perspective, and an ounce of humility. With that, and the prompting of my substantially more talented fiance, I’ve decided to return to all the things that I am passionate about, and start to build myself to some semblance of a career in one or more of those things. I may fail spectacularly, I may succeed, either way, I will be trying my ass off.

What is this blog about?

At the heart of it, all of this is really just a personal blog; but considering I have, like, maaaaaaybe four interests, it’s probably going to be fairly refined in scope.

I’m a humorist, and I’m a geek, and I’m a human, with a brain and a heart

; this means this blog will oscillate between observations of the geek community (which I’m simultaneously part of, and utterly irritated by), within the realms of my own interests, those being comic books, film, literature, etc. I am a former writer and webcomic creator, and a man who completely lost his art, and is now trying to regain it. I will also rattle on about the subjects of race relations, gender equality, and LGTBTQI issues and how they pertain to all of the above, hopefully without making those I’m trying to support want to chase me down and kill me.

I understand that, to the best of my knowledge, every motherfucker with an internet connection feels that they are an expert on anything that they decide they want to talk about, so I’ll tell you right now, I don’t know a goddamn thing about anything, and any knowledge or understanding I impart on any subject is purely coincidental, and unintentional. Why spout off about it online, then? Because I can. Quite frankly, I’m not interested in differences of opinions, or other perspectives, either. I’m not here to create a platform for anyone to disagree with me, that’s not the point of a fucking blog, and anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Anyway, there it is. Let’s see how it goes, eh? Can’t be all bad.

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Comment on “Allow Me to Introduce Myself…”

  1. Well. I will read it and leave comments sometimes. Like this one. Who was it that said it’s a wise man who know that he knows nothing?

    You may not know anything about anything but at least you’re funny.

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